Class Content and Overivew

Swidish Techniques

During this section you will learn the basics of Swedish massage, including the specific strokes used, passive and active joint movements, exercises and stretches. We will also explore correct body mechanics, indications and equipment you will need in your practice. During this section, you will get plenty of hands on experience during class. This is really the best way to master the art of massage. You will also be expected to get a massage from three different professional massage therapists, and evaluate each experince. Many therapists offer student discounts.

Anatomy and Physiology

In this section we will provide you with a basic yet comprehensive study of the structure and functions of the human body. You will learn the names, locations, and functions of the bones and muscles through a variety of different methods. We will help you understand how the systems of the body relate to one another and how massage therapy affects each system.

Health and Hygiene

this section of the course will familiarize you with important medical and massage terminology, and the importance of personal hygiene, sanitation, and safty. We will explore the intricate relationship between massage therapy and good health. You will gain an understanding of basic First aid and understand and demonstrate CPR.


In kinesiology, we will study the principals of anatomy in relationship to human movement (Joints, movement, major muscles, posture, proprioception, and the terms there of).


This section will explore the disease and infections, indications and contraindications that pertain to each of the different systems of the body, along with basic pharmacology.


In this section, we will look at the use of water in massage therapy. Therapies studied will include: hot/cold packs, herbal wraps, whirlpools, and body scrubs. You will learn to distinguish when to use hot treatment on a client and when to use cold. Hydrotherapy has been an important aspect of massage and is becoming more and more popular.

Business Practices and Professional Ethics

this section will explore important issues such as your career path, successful marketing and advertising ideas, how to build a successful business plan, massage therapy laws, and the importance of practicing professional ethics standards.

Student Massages and Internships

In addition to the time in class spent practicing massage skills on fellow students, you will be required to perform 25 to 30, 90-minute massages during the course. After each massage, your client will complete and evaluation form that will highlight your specific strengths and weaknesses.

The evaluation forms will be turned in at the end of class. After successfully completing the 450 classroom hours requirement, it will be time to move onto the internships. The internships are thirty, 90 minute massages that will also be evaluated by your client at the end of the session.
You can recruit your own friends, family, and potential clients for your student massages. We have a waiting list of names and phone numbers for people that are willing to come in for internship massage. We can book these appointments for you. Missing or not showing up for your appointment is an absence that counts against you.

What's Next?